The effective participation of the accepted communicators is subject to the payment of the registration fee, in one of the following categories:

A) Participants with communication (payment between 01.31.2020 and 02.28.2020)
1. PhD Professors and Researchers, presenting papers at Thematic Symposium: 80,00€.
2. Graduates and Postgraduates, with presentation of work in Thematic Symposium: 50,00€.

B) Assistants (payment between 01.31.2020 and 05.15.2020):
1- Assistants in general: 50,00€
2- Students (with documental evidence): 20,00€

Co-authoring communications researchers will have to formalize payment of their registration fee, as well as the lead author, in one of the above categories in order to be approved at the event. Payment for registration will be made from the FLUP Informatics Office page, in the inscription in events section: